All Ages
NRBQ @ Murmrr Ballroom!

They are an unstoppable phenomenon, and have been so longer than most any other band on the planet.” – Dave DiMartino, 2004

I was finally able to articulate what it is about NRBQ that I love so much — they make me so damn happy!” – Hal Willner

If you don’t like NRBQ, I don’t want to be around you” – Penn Jillette

If there was a “lost groove” akin to the mythical lost chord, one in such perfect harmony with the universe that it conveys instant enlightenment upon anyone who hears it, NRBQ would be the best bet to find it… Time after time the veteran quartet-crafts pop masterpieces of such enticing rhythm and infectious melody that they seem to have a special pipeline to the heart of the musical cosmos.” — Randy Lewis

NRBQ’s sense of humour is intact and that’s important” — Sun Ra

This music will become your friend and speak up for you when you most need it.” — Terry Adams

NRBQ’s zest and musicianship are incomparable and incomprehensible” – Ted Nelson

They’re OK!” — Thelonious Monk

… Scott and Casey are “unfit to deliver pizza” — Kelly Hogan

Venue Information:
Murmrr Ballroom
17 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY, 11238