The Brooklyn Chili Takedown 2018

Matt Timms Presents

The Brooklyn Chili Takedown 2018

Sun 11/18/18

Doors: 5:30 pm / Show: 5:30 pm


Off Sale

This event is all ages

IT is here.  The Humongous Chili Takedown!!!! CALL FOR COOKS!  Chili Heroes fight to save the earth of chili, for honor and Le Creuset! Email if your chili is the Most Important in NYC!!!

Come and eat and eat and eat!!! Around 25 chilis compete every year- try all the chili till it’s done!!! 

The Takedown - (Set time: 5:30 PM)
The Takedown
The Takedown blasted into existence in the winter of 2003 – in a little hovel somewhere in Brooklyn NYC. Everyone loves us, so the Takedown has quickly grown into an adult-sized event. The press is insane, and in it’s wake, other cooking events across the country were more recently spawned, but the Takedown will always be the first and awesomest! Self-taught cooks bring in their brilliant creations and compete for money, prizes, and self respect. In NYC, events are held all over town, though the TDs tend to mostly go down at the Bell House these days…

The TD is NATIONWIDE now- and happening in a city near you! Austin, Houston, Chicago, New Orleans, Nashville, Boston, St. Paul, Seattle, San Francisco… and MORE!!!

But that’s not all! Takedowns are nutzos, and not necessarily chili: Bacon, Fondue, Salsa, Lamb, Curry and even Cookie Takedowns!!!! Oo! And we have several really bad ideas coming up- also not chili related.

The Takedown has received serious accolades in the press – check out the lavish attention on the press page!

Actor/filmmaker Matt Timms produces the events and MCs the night. God he’s beautiful.

GET ON THE MAILING LIST by emailing me at Matt at thetakedowns dot com!!!
Venue Information:
Murmrr Ballroom
17 Eastern Pkwy
Brooklyn, NY, 11238